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It is specially important for people who has just purchased real estate to plan for the protection and distribution of one’s assets and the management of their affairs in times of risk, vulnerability, diminished capacity or after passing away. It is a crucial endeavor that requires careful consideration and legal expertise. At Minchella & Associates, our Estate Planning services for smaller estates are offered to help individuals and families ensure their investments are protected, their responsibilities are placed in trusted hands, their wishes are respected and their loved ones are provided for.

Our practice offers a range of estate planning services tailored to smaller, non-taxable clients. Our effective planning methods can also benefit larger estates by structuring your plan to situate your estate to avoid otherwise substantial tax impact. We understand that every individual’s situation is different, and we work closely with clients to create personalized strategies that align with their goals. Our services include:

Will Drafting: We assist clients in creating legally sound wills that outline the distribution of their assets and address guardianship concerns if they have minor children.

Trust Formation: Trusts can provide numerous benefits, from minimizing tax liabilities to avoiding probate (court proceedings to address distribution of assets). We help clients establish revocable and irrevocable trusts to protect their assets and provide for their beneficiaries.

Advanced Directives: Planning for medical emergencies, medical decisions and all the unexpected of life ensures that clients’ wishes regarding their medical care and practical needs are upheld even if they’re unable to communicate their preferences.

Funeral and burial instructions: We help clients give direction on how they want their funeral and burial to be addressed by their family.

Consultations on Trust Administration: When you feel you need us most or when even the best laid plans go awry, we are happy to guide you and your chosen representatives through the process of Trust Administration. Our valuable insights can lead to the path intended for your planning, rather than the most common pitfalls we see in practice.

For compassionate and knowledgeable legal counsel in matters of Trust and Estates, contact Minchella & Associates today to schedule a free consultation. Our experienced attorney is committed to helping you achieve peace of mind and ensure the seamless transfer of your legacy to your loved ones.
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