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Minchella & Associates is a local small business law firm dedicated to seeing other entrepreneurs succeed in their goals. Our Corporate Law practice is tailored to meet the needs of those working to enrich our local community and beyond by offering both advice and legal instruments to help our clients avoid risk, manage and delegate authority, operate in a manner that promotes growth and sustainability, and resolve conflicts.

Our Corporate Law transactional practice focuses on the five main areas of development for all business entities: formation, governance, compliance, operations, and cessation. Our services can provide for your needs across the entire lifetime of your business, or at any particular phase of your business offerings:

  • Our formation services are tailored to match the specific needs of your business endeavors with the greatest protections available under laws.
  • Our governance services set the standard of business management specific to your unique structure and operations in a manner that both assure effective management and avoid personal liability.
  • Our compliance services are focused on creating an ongoing relationship in which we offer our services of instrumentation and documentation to fulfill the standards set after your company’s formation and within its terms of governance.
  • Our operations services continue our long term relationship by targeting areas of internal and external development that require consultation and tailored resolutions to maintain your best interests in dealing with your business’ constituents.
  • Our business cessation services allow you peace of mind in winding down your operations in a manner that protects your business’s equity and resolves any liabilities so that they do not outlast the life of your business.

With the intelligence gained by the services above or from one of our complementary consultations, we also have the expertise to address any disputes that arise at any stage of your business’ lifecycle. Our goal with our Corporate Litigation practice is to identify and resolve issues swiftly and cost-effectively. We strive to benefit our clients to the greatest extent by seeking alternative resolutions to litigation and making every effort to resolve any litigation that arises at the earliest stages possible.

As a local small business, we appreciate your goals to bring new business into the local community, metropolitan, national or digital community and appreciate your trust in bringing your business to us.
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