Real Estate transactions

While Minchella & Associates, Ltd., is known for handling complex and complicated real estate transactions, we work to make conventional sales easy for our clients, while at the same time doing all that we can to prevent our clients being subject to some of the financial scams that have been happening in real estate transactions.

Real Estate Sales

After we complete negotiating items in attorney and inspection review, we have our clients order their payoff letters, complete any obligations with homeowners’ associations, and order the survey, as necessary. We prepare the closing documents, manage the process of obtaining them from our clients, whether they are local or living elsewhere and finalize the closing on behalf of our clients and assuring that they receive their funds.

Real Estate Purchases

We aggressively pursue attorney and inspection issues after a contract is signed balancing the competing concerns that our clients want the property while at the same time we want them protected. Erica has a unique perspective on inspection issues having worked with her husband on construction on their homes helping her understand inspection issues and the costs attendant to them probably better than many attorneys and many women. After the review and inspection issues are resolved, we monitor the mortgage contingency and other due dates. We review homeowner association documents to determine the financial health of the project so that our clients are not surprised by special assessments or projects of which they were not aware. We either attend the closing remotely, helping our clients understand the documents they are signing and receiving or attend the closing in person as appropriate for the situation.

We often have follow-up issues for which we need to remain attentive for our clients. Although some issues might require our being retained for further work, we often just see it as part of our job to help our clients bring their transactions to finality.
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