Commercial Real Estate: Key Considerations When Investing

As commercial real estate brokers, your role extends beyond facilitating transactions. You serve as a guide, providing your clients with key insights into the complexities of the commercial real estate market. In today’s blog post we explore critical considerations to aid your clients in making informed commercial real estate investment decisions. Understanding Your Clients’ Investment...

How to Help Your Buyers Get Full Disclosure from Sellers

One of the biggest concerns for buyers is getting full disclosure from sellers. Obtaining full disclosure as a buyer helps them understand the current condition of a property, previous work done on a property, and anything else that may impact the home and the buyer’s finances involving the home in the future. It’s the seller’s...

Client Success Story: A Foreclosure Dismissed with Prejudice

It is rare for a foreclosure to be dismissed “with prejudice,” meaning that it cannot be refiled by the lender as the case has fully concluded. The case may be dismissed for different reasons, including a payment arrangement by the homeowner under a loan modification or a reinstatement of the delinquent payments. Sometimes a case...

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