UncategorizedThe Man of Steel’s Got Nothing On A Super Lawyer

Superman is arguably the most renowned superhero in the comic book universe and pop culture for that matter. The caped crusader, but for Kryptonite, is impenetrable, hence his “Man of Steel” moniker.

In the real world, there are legal professionals recognized as Super Lawyers because of their top-echelon expertise, not their ability to lift buildings, though they do figuratively move mountains.

Then there are Leading Lawyers, a name that doesn’t have the same pizazz as Super Lawyers, but is no less impressive. In this blog post, we explain exactly what both are, and why it’s rarified air to be among them.

Who Is a Super Lawyer?

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s Super Lawyer!

Super Lawyers is a distinguished rating service that recognizes the extraordinary achievements of preeminent lawyers in over 70 different practice areas.

The Super Lawyer designation is a prestigious accolade bestowed on high flyers and top achievers in the legal profession. Not everyone can qualify for this elite title. Only the best among the most prominent lawyers can gain this title.

Winners are selected based on peer evaluations and independent research. Super Lawyers lists are made for top lawyers in all 50 states and Washington DC.

Leading Lawyer

Leading Lawyer is a designation that is awarded only to the very best. In fact, under 5% of lawyers in any state can hope to receive this honor. As a result, Leading Lawyers is the most comprehensive list of the best legal professionals in many different law areas.

The selection process is peer-reviewed, rigorous and meticulous, to say the least and is followed by a four-phased research process. Since candidates are evaluated based on interviews and state-wide surveys, the selection process is highly objective.

As leadinglawyers.com emphasizes:

“The list of Leading Lawyers and the LeadingLawyers.com website are very different from other attorney search sites or lawyer finder directories. LAWYERS CANNOT BUY THEIR WAY ONTO THE LIST OF LEADING LAWYERS.”

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