UncategorizedRescuing Chip: A “Tail” of Perseverance and Empathy in Law Practice

Two years ago, my life took an unexpected turn when my daughter found a lost dog while hiking in Arkansas. This seemingly simple event has become a metaphor for my law practice, as it represents the power of persistence and empathy in both caring for our rescue dog, Chip, and the manner in which I help my clients navigate the complex world of real estate law.

Finding Chip

My daughter and her best friend encountered Chip during their hike.

He was groomed and had a collar but no tags or microchip. Hungry and dehydrated, he refused to leave their sides. Faced with the grim reality that no “no-kill” shelters existed in Arkansas, my daughter took it upon herself to bring Chip back to Chicago, hoping to find him a safe haven.

Chips Comes Home

I was not interested in acquiring a dog and Initially, we struggled to find a way to accommodate Chip in our home.

He suffered from severe separation anxiety and could only find comfort by sleeping next to me on a blanket in our bedroom on the floor. We contemplated taking him to a shelter or finding him another home, but ultimately, we became “foster-fails” and embraced Chip as a new member of our family.

Over the past two years, we’ve seen remarkable progress in Chip’s behavior. With perseverance and patience, we’ve managed to overcome his separation anxiety and helped him become more self-sufficient. Training played a significant role in his improvement, teaching him to find solace in his new kennel and allowing him to trust in the security of our family.

The Chip/Client Connection

You might find it surprising to think that this journey with Chip has striking parallels to my law practice.

Just as we rescued Chip and provided him with a new life, I make it my mission to support my clients in their times of need, specifically when they face real estate challenges. I don’t believe in abandoning them or opting for quick fixes. Instead, I work tirelessly to find long-term solutions that will leave their lives better for having met me.

In my practice, I bring together a team of professionals to address my clients’ problems, just as I worked with my husband and daughter and trainer to ensure Chip’s well-being. Our collective efforts allow us to develop comprehensive strategies, leaving no stone unturned in our quest for the best possible outcome.

Through Chip’s story, I’ve learned that empathy and perseverance are crucial in both our personal and professional lives. By applying these principles to my law practice, I can better understand and serve my clients, ultimately leading to more successful resolutions.

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